If I were to write a letter to the women of the world I might say "dearest ones, have you ever listened to your glorious body? I mean really listened? What is she telling you?"

There are so many ways in which we have become disconnected from our bodies as women. This truly breaks my heart so I made it my mini-mission to try and change that, one woman at a time. And I started with myself. Women’s Yoga changed my life and continues to every single day.



Very often a session will be an invitation to explore a softness and a gentle flow in your practice. I love to create space for women to listen to the rhythm of their bodies. There will an opportunity to find pleasure in movement, breathe deep, breathe long and then lay down your bones to rest.  These special classes are crafted to offer a safe space in which your own practice can unfold to leave you restored and nourished. 


I often work with sound practices to help reach those parts of us that we can’t understand using words or thoughts alone. There is time to share or stories and create deep bonds with the other women in the class and the cherry on the cake often tends to be a deliciously healing Yoga Nidra.

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